Tumors & Strictures

Holmium Lasers for Tumors & Strictures

Urethral strictures as well as tumors in the urinary tract can be effectively treated using Holmium lasers. Urethral strictures include pathologies leading to a narrowing of the urethral lumen, causing subvesical obstruction. They can lead to irreversible changes in the upper and lower urinary tract.
The use of Holmium laser in tumors and strictures is clinically based, both in its safety and efficiency, high success rates of the procedure, and versatile use in various indications and populations.1,2

The Lumenis Solution

Lumenis’ range of Holmium solutions include custom designed delivery systems that are suited for urology surgeries including the treatments of Strictures and Tumors. The Ho:YAG laser offers a significant advantage with its coagulation ability. Rated as a safe and minimally invasive therapeutic option comparable with conventional urethrotomy, it can be an alternative to urethroplasty when concurrent diseases do not qualify patients for open urethral reconstruction2.

Advantages for Physicians

  • Precise and controlled incision & ablation
  • Superficial penetration with little risk to surrounding tissue
  • Excellent hemostasis allowing a clear field of view throughout the procedure


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