Lumenis Service for LightSheer® Handpieces

Thousands of satisfied customers are benefiting from the Gold Standard performance of LightSheer® diode laser technology, that has been validated in numerous clinical studies and peer reviewed articles.

The Gold Standard  Lumenis Service for LightSheer handpieces provides you with an unrivaled value for your investment in terms of quality of the original spare parts, warranty provided, service and price.

Purchase the original LightSheer heads and benefit from:

  • Refurbished handpieces with an all new diode laser array
  • Original LightSheer spare parts manufactured and tested by qualified, certified engineers
  • Unparalleled warranty terms
  • Minimized system downtime: delivery of refurbished handpiece before receipt of the returned one
  • Versatile upgrade options
  • Headrooms equal to Lumenis’ new handpieces specifications

Don’t compromise for anything less than the original LightSheer spare parts and tips.
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