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Certified Service For Lumenis Medical & Aesthetic Products & Devices

At Lumenis we are committed to providing the highest quality and the most comprehensive service in the industry for Medical and Aesthetic equipment repair and maintenance. Lumenis Service provides you with peace of mind, so you can focus on patient care, not the equipment.

  • Lumenis service is provided only by Manufacturer-Certified Customer Service Engineers
  • Lumenis Customer Service Engineers are trained and constantly updated on all recent procedures and updates required by the manufacturer
  • Only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are used to ensure optimal performance of Lumenis systems
  • Maximise your operational uptime with preventative maintenance and a timely service request response
  • Lumenis has more than 40 years of experience providing Service solutions to our customers with the largest multi-disciplinary service organisation in the laser industry
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team of Laser Service Engineers
  • Technical Support Call Center representatives available during business hours, Monday to Friday

Service Plans

Lumenis provides you with the most comprehensive service and maintenance plans in the industry for Medical and Aesthetic laser repair and maintenance. Our Service Plans are tailored to meet your individual needs and provide you with an unsurpassed service quality, in a timely and cost-effective way.

  • Minimum of 95% system uptime, guaranteed
  • 24 to 48 hour technical response time when on-site visit is required
  • Additional service plans available to ensure service is delivered to meet your specific requirements
  • Lumenis Customer Service Engineers are trained to take care of your service needs, in a timely manner with quality workmanship. Giving you and your patients complete piece of mind.
  • To learn more about Lumenis Service Performance Plans, please Contact Us and request a Performance Plan brochure.
  • All service engineers are adhering to current government advisory and COVID-19 working guidance

Service performance plans benefits

  • Priority given to Performance Plan customers
  • Full fault triage, remote fault finding and escalation service
  • 100% manufacturer-guaranteed spare parts with next day availability (when ordered before 12:00pm)
  • Options for planned preventative maintenance at weekends
  • All safety and performance updates
  • A global network of Lumenis experts
  • Access to additional value added benefits (dependent upon your choice of Performance Plan)

Regulatory Compliance
Lumenis Service partners with our customers to ensure safety and compliance with the latest CMS and The Joint Commission requirements, the highest quality standards in the industry. According to the updated CMS4 and The Joint Commission5 requirements, Medical Laser devices’ maintenance should be performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and is not eligible to be managed via an Alternate Equipment Management (AEM) program. These regulations intend to limit potential for injury and inadvertent light exposure during service of the Medical Laser devices.

Why have a Lumenis Performance Plan?

  • Enhanced response time
  • Full UK & Ireland coverage
  • Only original OEM parts used
  • Service Hotline
  • Priority access to spare parts
  • ISO 13485 compliant
  • Readily available computerised service records
  • UK Service has the support of our global network
  • A range of offerings to accommodate our customers’ various financial and risk management priorities

Reduced Risk, Predictable and Cost Effective Solutions

After manufacturer’s warranty expires, medical equipment service repair and replacement costs become a customer’s responsibility. Lumenis Service offers reliable and cost effective solutions for all types of accounts and budgets that can save our customers thousands of pounds over the lifetime of their Lumenis System.

Comprehensive Lumenis Performance Plans can help you save substantial money and lower the lifetime cost of ownership by covering all parts, accessories, labor and travel, and performing regular Preventative Maintenance check-ups. All these eliminate exposure to potential expenses and prevent problems from ever occurring, while extending the life of the laser and optimising its performance.

Click here to find your local service center for LightSheer, M22, AcuPulse, UltraPulse, Ophthalmic and some other Lumenis laser system repair and maintenance services or fill in the contact form and our regional service expert will contact you shortly.





Lumenis Global Service Organization includes service centers in key locations in Europe, North America, Latin America, India, Australia, China, Japan and Israel. Click here to find your local service center or fill in your details on our online contact form and our regional service experts will get in touch with you shortly.