Think Purchasing a Medical Device is Out of Reach Financially? Think Again

June 17, 2018 – EMEA

Whether it is expanding an existing clinic or starting out for the first time, purchasing medical devices can be daunting, especially WHEN it comes to the upfront costs. Thanks to the new finance options available from Lumenis, owning a machine could soon be a reality for your clinic.

Lumenis partner with a number of finance businesses including Clear Asset Finance to provide a range of finance solutions, allowing a variety of options to help all prospective or current customers.

Hire Purchase and Fixed Term Finance Leases are the two most popular types of finance agreement offered via Clear Asset Finance for Lumenis customers.


  • Hire Purchase agreements usually involve a higher deposit that would include the VAT on the purchase price, with the balance and interest being paid off over a fixed period of between 2 and 5 years. The customer would get tax relief on the interest, whilst also being able to claim capital allowances.


  • A Fixed Term Finance Lease usually require minimal or no deposit with payments made over a fixed period of between 2 and 5 years and the VAT is spread across each payment, with no interest cost. This makes the upfront deposit much lower than Hire Purchase.  The customer will usually get tax relief on the rentals in these cases, making it very tax efficient.
  • When considering using finance to purchase a device from Lumenis it is important that you speak to a reputable finance provider that has knowledge and experience of your sector.
  • Lumenis use Clear Asset Finance as they have over 10 years experience in providing finance facilities for Beauty and Aesthetic Clinics and are totally independent. Clear Asset Finance will listen to your needs and aim to provide a bespoke finance package on terms that you are happy with so that you can purchase the very best technology for your clinic.
  • For more information on the different finance options please contact Doug Neuhofer: