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Physician testimonial from Dr. Arielle N. B. Kauvar, MD, Director New York Laser & Skin Care

“As a dermatologist, I’m always looking for laser treatments that strike the right balance between efficacy and patient comfort. With ResurFX™, we have a solution that improves facial and body skin tone and texture with minimal discomfort and downtime.”


*Taken on Porcine tissue. Not indicative of clinical results.

Selected Publications

  • Daniel P. Friedmann, Julia E. Tzu, Arielle N.B. Kauvar, and Mitchel P. Goldman; Treatment of Facial Photodamage and Rhytides Using a Novel 1,565nm Non-Ablative Fractional Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser; Lasers in Surgery and Medicine; 2016 Feb; 48(2):174-80
  • Girish Munavalli; A Split-Face Assessment of the Synergistic Potential of Sequential Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser and 1565 nm Fractional Nonablative Laser Treatment for Facial Rejuvenation in Fitzpatrick Skin Type II-V Patients;Journal of Drugs in Dermatology; 2016; 15(11); 1335-1342
  • Sabrina Guillen Fabi, MD; 3-Dimensional Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers, Lasers, & Light Therapy; White paper – Click to Open
  • Jennifer Peterson, MD; Better Outcomes with the Lumenis PhotoFractionalTM Therapy; White Paper – Click to Open
  • Sabrina Guillen Fabi, MD; Treating Skin of Color with Lumenis ResurFX and LightSheer Therapy; White Paper – Click to Open

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