Skin Health For All – Sarah White Laser and Aesthetic Clinic

July 24, 2018 – 

Sarah White Laser and Aesthetic Clinic is also in the unique and enviable position of having access to allied professionals including Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Vascular Surgeons and there is an effective cross referral system in place, ensuring that Sarah’s numerous clients receive the very best advice and care.

Sarah believed that they had a gap in their treatment menu and after extensive research; she invested in the M22 Multi-Platform System. “I was aware that it was highly respected in the field of cosmetics and its unique technology has provided us with the most effective results. It is capable of treating over 30 different skin conditions so we can treat a wide range of clients and the support from Lumenis with their constant continued support and extensive training ensures that the very best treatment options are available to our clients.”

The M22 is producing fantastic results for the clinic from pigmentation to thread vein removal. With the cross referral system and the hospital Consultants, they now run a Vascular Surgeon led clinic for body veins, which has helped them to expand their services. “We have massively been able to expand our treatments by managing a range of skin conditions from rosacea, scars, stretch marks to sun damage and stubborn pigmentation thus resulting in us being a ‘go to clinic.” “Client feedback has been exceptional and when patients experience the amazing results of the M22, they remain loyal and also act as advocates. All of this helps build and maintain business. Having the M22 IPL laser has meant that we now have one of the widest selections of treatments with the best possible results.

Located in the beautiful village of Barnston on the Wirral in the Spire Murrayfield Hospital Aesthetic Suite, Sarah White Laser and Aesthetics is one of the fastest growing aesthetic clinics in the North West. Sarah and her team have been the Lumenis Centre of Excellence for the M22 Multi-Platform system for over 18 months now and it has been an absolute pleasure working in partnership with such an amazing team. As a results driven clinic that is dedicated to providing the complete tailor made package for their clients, excellent customer service and an innovative approach to the treatments they offer. It is no surprise that Sarah’s clinic is growing rapidly, thanks to her loyal client base who are now choosing to have a wider range of treatments. At the clinic in addition to all the new clients that are now visiting as a direct result of word of mouth recommendation.

Sarah White, Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner, RGN and Independent Nurse Prescriber is the founder of the “Sarah White Laser and Aesthetics Clinic”. After working in the NHS for a number of years specialising in children’s health, Sarah entered the Aesthetics Industry 10 years ago.

From a single injector practice, she now boasts a team of four injectors, three highly trained aesthetic therapists, a clinic manager and two reception/administration staff. They are now at the forefront of aesthetic practice in the whole of the North West. As a hospital based clinic they are also able to achieve the best possible results for their clients knowing that they are in the safest of hands.

In addition to injection therapy (toxin, dermal fillers and skin boosters), Sarah White Laser and Aesthetics offer a wide range of treatments covering most skin concerns including EDS Dermapen, Endymed GLOW & FSR), Dermalux, SkinCeutical Peels, EnerPeels, Dermaroller, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening and the M22 Multi-Platform System – treating over 30 different skin and vascular conditions. They pride themselves on their open, honest relationship with their clients treating people with respect, kindness and compassion. This approach is rewarded by exceptionally high patient retention rates.