Lumenis Insights: New technologies to target the root causes of Dry Eye Disease

September 11, 2018 – EMEA

Paris tell us that despite being less than a year in, he already loves the company and the culture. His previous experience lies in the field of Molecular Biology, but he explains that he’s worked in the Medical Device area for the last 15 years and first encountered Lumenis as a distributor 4 years ago.

His role at Lumenis centers around responsibility for Vision within the EMEA region, Paris explains: “my role is to grow the business, expand our territories, and increase our market share, but also to manage Lumenis’ current distributors and maximize their potential.”

Paris sees that Lumenis has always been a trendsetter, making a name for itself by introducing game-changing technologies through the years. “From the first Photocoagulator to the first SLT system Lumenis has been a leader in innovation. Following that trend, we introduced M22 OPT™ for Dry Eye. It is a disruptive technology that will improve the quality of life in millions of Dry Eye Disease (DED) patients globally.”

Paris goes on to say that “being the first device-based technology to actually target the root causes of the disease, Lumenis’ M22 OPT™ provides a simple, safe, yet highly effective treatment for DED that patients can experience even in the first treatment. We can’t wait to share this ground-breaking solution for DED with the rest of the world.”

At Lumenis there is a big focus on patient and Doctor education this year. “Through our Global DED Awareness campaign we are soon coming to a city near you!”

What’s new at Lumenis Vision in EMEA?

“In 2018 we are reinventing Lumenis Vision Business in EMEA, launching several new devices international campaigns with brilliant upcoming Webinars and Workshops. Check our online news to sign up to these events, as they are set to be very informative and interactive.”

Lumenis know that an Ophthalmologist’s mission is to offer their patients the best possible care. But a practice is also a business. Paris explains how he can help clinics balance these two things together by telling us that Lumenis’ DED Solution is “probably the only device in the market that makes sense clinically but and also financially, as it offers the fastest ROI!”

Paris goes on to say that Lumenis’ M22 OPT™ technology comes from the Dermatology arena where it has been the “Gold Standard” in patient care offering medical practitioners 30+ skin treatment solutions, all with one platform, since 1993. “Today an eye patient doesn’t only want to be able to see better, but also look better!”

“The M22 OPT™ is not your basic DED device, you can actually treat Rosacea, which is prevalent in 86% of DED patients, Hyperpigmentation, Telangiectasias, Acne, Vascular Lesions, and perform Skin Rejuvenation and a host of other treatments for skin conditions on the face and body.”

Additionally, as the M22 OPT™ is an upgradable platform, it can be transformed to a complete Medical Aesthetics platform by adding other laser modules like:
• ResurFx – Non-Ablative Skin resurfacing
Multi-Spot Nd:Yag – for deep Vascular Lesions
• Q-Switch Nd:Yag – for Pigmentation and Tattoo Removal

“When you factor in these extra treatments the ROI period of this platform becomes almost insignificant.”
If you would like to find out more about treating dry eye, visit our website or contact Paris directly: