Lumenis Insights: Introducing Laure Boisseux, EMEA Brand Manager (Hair Removal & Body)

September 11, 2018 – 

Lumenis Insights have caught up with Laure Boisseux, EMEA Brand Manager (Hair Removal & Body), to better understand her new role within Lumenis and the Aesthetic market trends in Germany.

I come from a family of doctors, so I grew up in a medical environment. Before joining Lumenis, I was working as a Senior Sales Manager in the pharmaceutical and medical devices consulting industry in Switzerland.

I joined the team in March 2016 as a Marketing Manager for the DACH region. I was responsible for the digital activities; the PR, events and KOL management for the whole region. I work really closely with the German sales team and the EMEA Marketing team. Every day is different within Lumenis and this is what I like about it.

A New Challenge 

In July 2018, I became a Brand Manager within the EMEA Marketing team, I am responsible for Lumenis’ Skin and Body portfolio within EMEA. My new role involves overseeing three products, including two new product launches. This is a great challenge which allows me to take on new responsibilities and to work with a variety of different people within the company. At the end of the day, we are all working together for the same goal: making our customers happy and even more successful. Showing them how Lumenis’ products can help them to move their practice to the next level is our main objective.

Aesthetic Market Insights 

The aesthetic market is changing and growing hugely in Germany. There are good financial and leasing possibilities in Germany, allowing faster ROI which is important for clinics in the laser market. Lumenis also recognizes that digital marketing and PR play a big role in the perception of the aesthetic industry. Digital marketing and PR are pushing the beauty aspect, improving the awareness of technology and treatments available. Celebrities and influencers are driving beauty much more recently, increasing awareness among consumers and the growing older population.

Regulation & Restraints 

Although there are many things driving the aesthetic and laser market forward, there are also some inevitable restraints. High treatment cost and the lack of reimbursements for clinics and doctors result in some patients not being able to afford full treatment costs. The regulations in Germany are still being discussed as they are unfortunately still unclear: There is still the questions of who can offer laser treatment and who is able to perform which technology. As the demand for laser treatments keeps increasing, there are also many suppliers who are selling uncertified systems for a small amount of money, which are always best to avoid.

Popular Laser Treatments 

With a view to key market trends in the Laser industry, laser treatments are seen as trendy treatments now and due to this Lumenis has shifted from B2B marketing to a more B2C friendly approach. Lasers are now seen as something for everyone, which can be used for ‘Lunch-Break’ treatments. There is also an increase in the popularity of home-based aesthetics devices. Regarding the type of aesthetic treatments, there are 2 leading trends in the German aesthetic market: Body treatments and Combination treatments.

Body is the New Face

There is a very high demand for body treatments done with non-invasive laser techniques in Germany. This is the highest growing segment in the aesthetic industry. There are still potential for new technologies in this market. There are more and more low end machines coming on the market each offering technology and promising amazing results. Patients do not know what really works anymore and we need to first gain back the market trust again. What is very important to consider when offering body treatments is the management of patient selection and patient expectations. We are now enhancing our offer and just introduced the new NuEra system, used for skin tightening and reducing cellulite, two important treatments, both very popular with women but also with men in Germany.

Combination Treatments are on the Rise 

Combination treatments utilizing complimenting technologies are also as a developing trend. The Lumenis M22 is a really great platform. Our customers are having great results combining IPL with ResurFX for Photorejuvenation treatments. Other doctors combine systems with Radio Frequency or Ultrasound. Lumenis is now also offering the Nd:YAG and Alexandrite technologies combined in one handpiece with the SPLENDOR X device, which is also proving very popular.

A few years ago, the market was mainly dermatology driven. Today there is big potential within the gynecology market, to name another. There are around 3,500 dermatologists in Germany, and around 9,900 gynecologists. Our FemTouch handpiece on the CO2 UltraPulse laser has already shown very good results in the treatment of Vaginal Atrophy and Lichen Sclerosus. There are exciting new possibilities coming along for Lumenis in this field!

Why Lumenis 

Lumenis offers a valuable 360° support program; from unmatched marketing support and continuous clinical education to a service team which runs in close contact with each clinic. Because we understand that buying a laser is an investment, we offer very good financial and leasing possibilities. What makes the real difference for clients is being there when they need us. Customers expect us to be there very quickly if something is not clear or not working. With our marketing, clinical and service team, we are able to be on hand with customers very quickly. Customers can for example expect a fast response and helpful assistance from an experienced team of engineers with in average more than 10 years of experience with Lumenis lasers specifically.

Lumenis is committed to helping clients increase demand and establish a strong brand, including customised advertising materials for their practices, patient education tools and personalised support with online campaigns. Lumenis also offers extensive training programs to help them stay ahead of the game with treatment protocols and customer demands. When working with Lumenis, our customers gain access to Partnerzone, a 24/7 online access to clinical and marketing assets training. We also offer ongoing workshops, webinars, user meetings or laser safety courses for them to keep making the most out of our devices. Our customers are not just buying the product, they are joining the Lumenis Family, and we stay with them as a very hands on support system to make their life easier.

If you would like to find out more about Lumenis visit our website or contact Laure directly: