Industry Experts Share Top Aesthetic Trends for 2018

March 5, 2018 – 

Last December Lumenis welcomed Aesthetic practitioners to The Royal College of Physicians in London to learn the top Aesthetic trends for 2018. Beauty and Lifestyle Journalist, Sam Freedman hosted a variety of industry experts who discussed upcoming aesthetic trends and how to use these to enhance their practice for the new year.

“As one of Lumenis’ international trainers, I think holding these kinds of events is very important. It’s an excellent way to stay up to date with the industry and also a great way to support people new to the industry and help them get off to the best start possible,” said speaker, Petrina Nugawela.

Find out what you missed at The 2018 Trends in Aesthetics event and the top trends our industry experts want you to look out for…

Who Was There?

PHI Clinic’s Dr. Benji Dhillon, spoke on the current and future applications of ablative and non-ablative devices where he touched on his experience using Lumenis’ M22 and UltraPulse devices and the patient trends he has noticed working in one of Harley Street’s top Aesthetic clinics.

The day also featured talks from SkinCeuticals on combination treatments with aesthetic devices and skin care and Dr. Yusuf from Ottershaw Health Care who shared his experience with body shaping devices.

Founder of MBA Clinics, Petrina Nugawela shared her experience of setting up three successful aesthetic clinics. Renowned for treating all skin types successfully, she discussed how laser hair removal still remains a key part of her practices and what to look out for when purchasing a device.

What’s Trending in Aesthetics?

Combination Treatments: The use of skincare in combination with aesthetic devices is a big trend this year, with practitioners using skincare to enhance the results of laser and IPL treatments. With the increasing popularity of facial rejuvenation treatments it’s a perfect time to think about adding a complementary skincare routine.

Treating all skin types: Not being able to treat dark skin types is a problem of the past! With the right technology (and training) dark skin types can be safely and effectively treated with laser technology. Opt for a device with preset treatment parameters and invest in a company that will give you the training you need so you don’t have to turn clients away.

Body Shaping with Skin Tightening: The rise of body shaping systems in 2017 means there is a wide variety of devices availableFat reduction devices that also give a skin tightening effect are a great way to give your patient’s something extra with their slimming treatment! Adding a

Ablative Treatments: Patients are becoming more aware of the treatment options available to them and more accepting of the downtime that comes with aesthetic treatments. Previously patient’s opted for less aggressive, non-ablative treatments but now there is a growing market for the more expensive ablative treatments which have more downtime, but fewer treatments are required.

Go Digital: Digital Marketing has become increasingly important in recent years, knowing how to effectively market your clinic online is vital to make sure you’re drawing in as many clients as possible. Get started by making sure you spend time working on your website, this is your virtual shop window!

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