How To Tighten Loose Skin On Your Stomach With A Laser?

Stomach skin can become loose for many reasons. Luckily, there are many treatments available to tighten your unwanted loose stomach skin. Discover more.

Just like skin on other areas of the body, dramatic weight loss, age and in particular pregnancy can result in unwanted loose skin on and around the stomach area. Whilst traditionally there were limited non-surgical options for patients to explore, in recent times there has been an influx of people opting for skin tightening laser to effectively combat excess loose skin on the stomach.

Why Do I Have Loose Skin on My Stomach?

Loose skin on the stomach can be the result of one or multiple reasons and whilst each individual will have their own specifics, the most common root causes are listed below.


During pregnancy, your stomach swells significantly to support the growth of your baby (or babies) over the course of several months. Due to the rapid rate of stomach growth, it is completely normal that you may have some loose skin on your stomach after you give birth and whilst this can reduce over time, it may not return to how it was pre-pregnancy.

Weight Loss

Similar to post-pregnancy, losing a large amount of weight can sometimes result in excess loose skin on stomach and other areas of the body also. When you gain weight, the skin expands to accommodate the extra growth, however sometimes this can damage the collagen and elastin fibers in the process hence the loose skin.


As with many other areas of the body, sometimes your stomach skin can lose its elasticity and result in saggy belly skin. Whilst it may not have any direct health impacts, the excess skin can be extremely uncomfortable and, in some cases, even impact your self-esteem.

Laser Skin Tightening Treatment Options for Saggy Stomach Skin


Legend Pro+ And TriPollar RF Treatment By Lumenis

Laser skin tightening treatments for stomach have become an increasingly popular option in recent years for many patients across the globe. Whilst there are some different technologies on the market for this procedure, Lumenis’ Legend Pro+ offers a personalized solution to target your specific concerns.

The clinically proven TriPollar RF treatment works by triggering regeneration of the collagen and elastin fibers through focused RF energy inducing controlled heating of the deep dermis. Both safe and effective, results from this treatment can be seen immediately with minimal downtime and maximum long-term efficacy, what’s not to love!

Skin Tightening Treatment Before And After

Skin Tightening Treatment Before And After

Benefits Of Using Laser Treatment as a Way to Tighten Stomach Skin

– Effective Shaping and Toning of Stomach Muscle Groups
– TriFractional to Improve Stomach’s Texture and Regeneration
– Hybrid Energy to Activate the Body’s Natural Healing Processes Around the Stomach
– Long Term Efficacy and Visible Results
– Minimal Pain and No Downtime Needed

How to Tighten Stomach Skin with Radio Frequency?


Introducing NuEra Tight Skin Tightening by Lumenis

Radiofrequency skin tightening is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to safely and effectively tighten loose skin on stomach without surgery. The non-invasive method consists of elevating and regulating temperature within the skin tissue in order to reach the required degree to stimulate collagen production.

Using FocalRF technology, the NuEra Tight specifically targets the energy penetration to the dermis layer to safely and effectively treat the area of concern. The result? A tailored treatment to significantly improve sagging skin with natural-looking results and no downtime.

Skin Tightening Treatment Before And After

Skin Tightening Treatment Before And After

Benefits of Using Radio Frequency to Tighten Belly Skin

– Personalized Skin Tightening for Your Body
– No Downtime Required
– Highly Customizable for Your Specific Needs
– Wrinkle, Cellulite, And Fat Reduction Around Your Belly

Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments for the Stomach


The Traditional Tummy Tuck

A well-known contender when thinking of how to tighten stomach skin, the traditional tummy tuck is a common surgical procedure used to dramatically reduce the amount of loose skin on stomach. It’s worth noting that whilst the results are immediate, there is a longer amount of downtime needed as well as the risk of scarring and / or other considerable side effects.

The Mini Tummy Tuck

Whilst the traditional tummy tuck targets loose skin across the entire stomach area, the mini tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that only focuses on the lower abdomen. For those wondering how to tighten stomach skin, it can be an attractive choice particularly when considering how to tighten loose skin on stomach after pregnancy. However, as with the traditional tummy tuck, the recovery time and pain is significantly greater than laser or radiofrequency tightening treatments.

How to Tighten Loose Skin on your Stomach Without Laser or Surgery?


Increase Your Vitamin C and Healthy Fats Consumption

These nutrient-rich foods can help mobilise your body into producing collagen that helps tighten loose skin on the stomach. Whilst you can consume a high level of citrus fruits with natural sources of Vitamin C, there are also daily supplements available to help stimulate the collagen production process.

Carry Out Medium-High Resistance Training

For those with a minimal amount of excess loose skin, workouts that aid in building muscle mass around the abdominal area can be a great option when considering how to tighten belly skin. Resistance training, in particular, can significantly support in reducing the appearance of loose skin.

Stomach Skin Massages and Scrubs

Frequent massages on the stomach area with natural oils can help stimulate collagen production and also slightly reduce the appearance of loose skin on the stomach.

The Best Way to Reach Your Stomach Tightening Goals with Lumenis

At Lumenis, we offer two spectacular devices within our portfolio to safely and effectively target and treat loose skin on the stomach. Both the LegendPro+ and NuEra Tight are clinically proven to result in long-term efficacy with very minimal pain and absolutely no down-time. The superior technology used to craft both devices, allows each treatment to be personalized down to the individual creating natural results that cater to your needs.

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