High Level of Growth Calls for New Office

November 17, 2018 – 

This month Lumenis moved into an office more than double the size of their previous space due to the rapid growth the company has experienced over the past 4 years and the expectation that this progress will continue through 2018 and beyond.

Lumenis moved to the previous office, 418 Centennial Park (Elstree) in 2012, however due to the company growing exponentially in the last 4 years, from July 2018 the company is now installed in a huge 5,000 sq foot office building at 385 Centennial Park, which is over double the size of the former office.

The previous space was a Service Office for Lumenis, however due to the much larger new office they have now brought together the UK Aesthetic Sales and Marketing functions, while still supporting a full Service Department, resulting in a more unified and efficient workforce, all housed under one roof.

Plus, Lumenis are excited to announce that within the new office there is a Clinical room and workshop area, large enough to house 25 people, for user meetings, training events and customer training etc. Not only will this be beneficial for internal training purposes, but thanks to the digital nature of the clinic space, Lumenis will be able to host virtual training sessions for clients based around the world, all able to connect digitally.

Edward Campbell-Adams, Lumenis’ UK Country Manager explains that “With the rapid growth Lumenis UK has seen over the past 4 years we wanted to further support our customers and improve our infrastructure with new facilities. I am proud to open the new Lumenis office, located on a vibrant high tech and medical business park in Elstree. More than double the size of our previous facility, the new office integrates a training center with a dynamic treatment room, and we are excited to welcome customers to our upcoming training and workshop events.”

With a legacy of innovation Lumenis has over 220 registered patents and numerous FDA clearances, their global reach sees over 80,000 Lumenis systems in use with a presence in over 100 countries. The brand’s commitment to research and development has led to strong support and partnerships with KOL’s internationally.