5 things you need to know before introducing any new aesthetic treatment

July 5, 2018 – 

1. Is the treatment approved to be used in the UK ?

All light based treatments should have the CE Mark when used inside Europe. CE marking is an important procedure that guarantees product’s conformity to EU regulations. Manufacturers, importers and distributors of non-food products such as aesthetic devices are obligatory to provide the CE marking if they want to trade on EU/EAA. Lumenis devices and treatments fall under this regulatory body and offer peace of mind that you offer a safe regulated treatment.

2. What are the current popular treatments ?

According to New Beauty leading US consumer magazine bespoke in clinic treatments in the number 1 aesthetic trend this year. Patients needs are all different and they want to be treated as an individual and not a conveyor belt of fad treatments. Clinics should look at their current treatment offering and patient groups, pick something that would complement the existing offering while still keeping up with the latest trends. It is important to pick technology that can cater for a wide demographic and offer customisable settings for individual patient needs.


3. Can my current staff offer the new treatments ?

Depending on where you are based in the UK the government ruling is different for who can perform which light based treatment. One of the main things to consider will be which member of staff can be insured to perform a treatment often this is the hardest criteria to reach. Luckily Lumenis supply not only a comprehensive manufacture training by have teamed up with Wynyard Aesthetics Training Academy to allow every customer to reach their full potential and become accredited in a range of aesthetic treatments to meet insurers  expectations.

4. How will the manufacture support me ?

When purchasing a device it is an important decision as the support will be crucial to the success of the new treatments for a number of years. Clinical support do not only offer initial  training but on going support for difficult cases and expert user meetings.

Marketing is important to the success of the new treatments and the clinic, expertise and experience in the field along with materials to support the clinic being readily available will kick start the new treatment into profit. Lumenis offer a bespoke marketing package for each clinic no matter how big or small the team is there to help you.

Lumenis devices have been rigorously tested and like a car it is important to maintain the key components through regular service visits. In the unlikely event of error it is important to know that service support is just a phone call away with a large team and  official parts peace of mind can be found choosing the correct manufacturer.

5. What clinical evidence is there supporting treatment claims ?

It is important to understand the science behind the treatments you plan to offer, proven treatments will be CE marked in the UK and often have FDA approval for international manufactures. Clinical studies prove the safety and efficacy of the treatment and offer replicable treatments every time for your patients.