Lumenis Insights: Recruiting within the Aesthetic Industry

July 16, 2018 – EMEA

“My role is a very diverse mix of recruiting, working with both managers and employees while also focusing on integration, organising and planning orientation for new employees, performance processes, training and more” Tami explains. The challenge is from geographic perspective – we have managers and employees from Dubai in the East to the UK and Portugal in the West. From a professional perspective, the region includes positions like sales, clinical, marketing and service.

So when it comes to recruitment, what makes one candidate stand out? “The most important thing we look for is passion. We check the experience and the background of the candidate of course, but hunger and passion are important above all else. We are looking for people that can bring value, new ideas and energy to the team.”

Join the Lumenis Team

This will be especially apparent for roles currently live in Lumenis’ EMEA. Tami is on the lookout for sales roles such as sales trainer, product managers and marketing, so is looking for shining candidates to meet.

Tami was recommended to Lumenis by a friend and tells us that “it is always great to work for a leading brand in the medical field. I love that I work for a company that significantly improves the lives of patients and clients.” Working for such a company has its benefits for personal career progression too. Tami explains that “the company is big enough to enable career development while it’s also small enough to allow most roles to remain wide-ranging and to touch on several areas which is great for people who are keen to try and learn new things, expanding their knowledge while in their role. No day is like the previous one and there are also lot of things to do”

The Lumenis Vision 

A key part of the Lumenis company ethos centers on playing to employees’ strengths. Tami tell us how “on the one hand Lumenis is a global corporate brand, but on the other, employees do still have a lot of flexibility to do what they’re passionate about.”

At Lumenis in general, and EMEA in particular, there is certainly a culture of being open to new ideas and initiatives. Tami adds that “the Lumenis vision is, in the end, that it’s all about people. People make the difference. That is precisely why we strive to empower our employees to make decisions that shape the future of our products, processes, and business culture. I entirely agree with this approach!”

Lumenis is recruiting now, if you are interested in roles please visit Lumenis’ Global Recruitment Page.