Lumenis Insights: Key Aesthetic Trends from the UK Market

June 8, 2018 – EMEA

Eddie sets the scene by explaining that he has been in the medical device industry for 15 years, with a focus on laser and IPL international sales and marketing. “Lumenis approached me due to my extensive experience and reputation in terms of demonstrating, selling and public speaking, alongside my clinical and technical expertise in all aspects of Laser and IPL. I was attracted to Lumenis as the original manufacture in the industry, with the best reputation, leading products and great client support. Since 2015, when I took over, my role has been primarily growing and managing the UK sales, marketing, clinical and service operation. We have grown significantly and are now expanding into new, larger office complete with training facilities.”

Rising Demand for Reliable Aesthetic Devices 

“We are seeing growth in demand for medical aesthetic and beauty salons already providing aesthetic treatments but wanting to upgrade to more reliable and effective equipment, with better training and support” Eddie explains. “Many new clinics opening up as industry professionals and entrepreneurs see the growing market sector. Burns centers around the UK are also seeing the reputation and capabilities of Lumenis lasers e.g. UltraPulse and M22 for their patients.”

Laser hair removal continues to be popular, and a growing area with fast effective systems, for example the LightSheer. Vascular treatments, such as the M22, which is seen as the most capable system in market used by doctors, nurses and advanced clinicians are also coming to the forefront of our focus.”

Looking from a wider-angle Eddie tell us that “platform systems like the M22 are ideal for all clinics. as they provide a wide range of effective treatments in one system. Leading clinics and specialists using the M22 get consistently excellent results.”

Welcome to the Future 

Eddie foresees that future growth for Lumenis will come from the new PiQo4 system “that can really treat all colours of tattoo effectively with 4 wavelengths, picosecond and nanosecond, allowing it to also treat pigmentation. This is a real growth market. Skin treatment with IPL, Non-ablative and ablative technologies continues to improve, as does user experience, meaning we push the boundaries of what is possible – for example UltraPulse, M22 ResurFX.”

Eddie is passionate and proud that Lumenis products achieve the best results for patients, and clients recognise them as a leading name within the industry. “All the devices are backed up with science, clinical studies and white papers from world leading industry experts, along with experienced support from Lumenis UK direct office, service, clinical and marketing support.”

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