Lumenis Insights: Digital Marketing the key to Lumenis Success

August 14, 2018 – London, UK

After a many years working in the medical devices industry, Mickey Nave joined Lumenis just over a year ago to lead their corporate marketing team. We caught up with Mickey to find out what her role at Lumenis involves and her thoughts on recent trends and changes in the industry.


Mickey explains “I work closely with aesthetics and medical business groups and with Lumenis’ partners worldwide. During my first year, I was mainly focusing on exploring, building and implementing the digital tools to engage and guide our prospects and customers throughout their journey with Lumenis. I was given an incredible opportunity to work with a committed team that keeps striving to improve, the already very strong marketing, offered by Lumenis.”

Making an Impact 

With over a decade marketing medical devices before joining Lumenis, Mickey explains how these years of experience have taught her the important roles marketing, branding, inbound marketing, sales and marketing alignment can play in a business. She adds “It is my honest belief that one of the best ways to improve our marketing outcomes in the medical devices industry is to embrace a proactive approach to online and digital presence.”

So how is marketing with in the medical devices world changing? Mickey explains “We live in a world of Facebook, Amazon and Google, everything is within reach, instant, everything is dynamic and we can purchase almost all we dream of online. This is common for me and also for Lumenis customers who are exposed to blogging, social media, and a myriad of digital communications channels.”

“But if you look at a corporate web page for basically any medical device company and 9 times out of 10 you will find a static and unengaging website. Our customers are used to transferring money through apps, they research and compare TV’s online, post and share, play games and so forth but as an industry we are far behind this scene.”

A Digital Future 

“I believe that this gives us a really exciting opportunity. At Lumenis we are taking this challenge and lead the way by offering a concrete value using digitalization, shifting to new tools and stand out from our competition.”

Lumenis is a global leader in the field of medical devices and has a ground-breaking technological legacy of over five decades with commitment to enhance patient health and quality of life. Mickey explains how “Lumenis has a powerful corporate brand worldwide, and together with its management focus on digital transformation I believe we will be able to take our vision one-step closer and to be ahead of our competition.”

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