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About Body Shaping - Ultrasound

Non focused high intensity ultrasound increases the temperature in the fat tissue to create a thermal effect that leads to fat cell destruction. Uniform ultrasound is being emitted parallel to the body. Fat cell destruction leads to an improvement in body shape in the localized area that was treated. Multi-polar RF is then emitted on to the area for a few seconds encouraging collagen stimulation for skin tightening.

Uniform Ultrasound
uniform ultrasound

    Unified exposure – homogeneous coverage, better outcome


    Parallel exposure – no risk over unwanted areas, safer than other ultrasound modalities


    Volumetric heating – increased treatment volume, heats faster

Protective cooling
The Lumenis Solution


Treat to Fit

SlimME™ is a safe and extremely efficient non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for cosmetic and aesthetic contouring and body shaping, developed based on extensive research. The SlimME™ system is based on tissue heating achieved by the synergy of uniform Ultrasound and Radio-Frequency and followed by lymphatic drainage massage all in one applicator.

Advantages For Physician

The SlimME Advantages


    Selective Thermal Tissue Heating


    Ultrafast Procedure


    Long Term Results


    Customer Satisfaction