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A mutual collaboration with leading experts resulted in the development of FemTouch™ – a vaginal laser procedure driven by practitioners and women’s needs

The Lumenis solution

A sterilized applicator is inserted through the vulva and is moved along the vaginal canal in an outward motion, applying the laser in a 360˚ pattern to the vaginal wall. This pattern ensures that the entire vaginal area is covered, stimulating changes to the vaginal wall.

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Advantages for physicians

    Fast- Comfortable in office procedure lasting just a few minutes


    Hassle Free- No downtime or post-procedure care required


    Versatile- Combined with AcuPulse™ for various aesthetic and gynecological

Clinical Evidence
Lumenis Aesthetic - vaginal laser
Lumenis Aesthetic - vaginal laser
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For safety use, Indications and Contraindications please refer to the Operator Manuals and Instructions for Use of Lumenis Laser Systems and Accessories.

PB-2005136 Rev C