Multi-Spot-NdYAG - M22 Modular Laser Multi-Application Platform

Nd:YAG Laser with Multiple Sequential Pulsing Technology

The Nd:YAG module of M22™ offers treatments for telangiectasias, hemangiomas, leg veins and facial wrinkles. Precise and comfortable treatment with 4 cooled and easily changed lightguides. Multiple Sequential Pulsing, which is available in both the Nd:YAG and IPL modules on M22™, enables cooling between a sequence of pulses, to protect the epidermis while allowing the safe use of higher fluences. This enables treatment on all skin types, including darker skin, and reduces the chance of unwanted side effects in vascular lesion treatments.

Multiple-Sequential Pulsing
How it Works:

Light energy is delivered during the pulses, and the tissue cools during the delays. More energy is safely delivered to the target.

MultiSpot table
What It Does:

Multiple-Sequential Pulsing allows for cooling between pulses to safely remove hair on all skin types including darker skin and reduces the chance of skin damage in vascular lesion treatments.

MultiSpot NDYAG 7
Lumenis Leg Veins Treatment Video
Typical Clinical Results

PB-1003629 Rev D

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