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Laser Fibers – Variety of Delivery Solutions

Variety of Delivery Solutions

MOSES™ D/F/L family of fibers

Moses tailored premium fibers designed for optimal energy transmission and durability

  • Available in 200, 365 and 550 micron.
  • MOSES™ 200 D/F/L the Smooth Tip fiber: designed for flexible ureteroscopy procedures. Enabling smooth initial fiber insertion through a deflected scope.

SlimLine™ family of fibers

Designed for durability, flexibility and versatility in urological procedures.

  • Available in 272, 365, 550 and 1000 micron.
  • SlimLine™ 200 D/F/L the Smooth Tip fiber: Is designed for flexible ureteroscopy procedures. Enabling smooth initial fiber insertion through a deflected scope.
  • Xpeeda™ D/S/L side-fire fiber: A tailored solution for BPH vaporization delivers maximal energy directly to the tissue while working in full contact.

SlimLine SIS Endo

  • Suitable for orthopedic, neurology, spine surgery and pulmonary procedures
  • Single-use, end-fire fibers
  • Available in 272, 265 and 550 microns

SlimLine SIS GI

  • Designated for ablation, vaporization, incision, excision, resection, coagulation and homeostasis in GI indications such as biliary/bile duct calculi, benign and malignant neoplasm.
  • Single-use, end-fire fibers
  • 365 micron
  • Specialized fiber tip allows for easy passage through a cholangioscope.

Smart Fibers

Lumenis’ fiber line also includes integrated SIS (Smart Identification System) technology which enables system detection of which fiber has been connected. These reusable and single-use fibers are custom designed to work with Lumenis laser systems.

Performance & Reliability

Lumenis fibers are specifically tailored and validated for optimal performance with the Lumenis family of lasers:

  • Customized optical connection.
  • Exact match of the optical specifications such as spot size, focal point location and focus angle.

Risks of using non-lumenis fibers

The optical incompatibility of non-Lumenis fibers could result in energy loss due to leakage and decreased energy transmission, possibly affecting safety, clinical effectiveness, and overall laser system quality in the following ways:

  • Reduced energy transmission may result in delivering less energy to tissue than the laser screen indicates, resulting in reduced and unexpected tissue or lithotripsy effect.
  • Leaking energy may cause damage to the laser debris shield, delivery device, scope, or laser system Leaking and may burn patient and/or operator.
  • Leaking energy may cause premature fiber wear, resulting in suboptimal performance or fewer than expected number of uses for reusable fibers.


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